If You Are Boarding Your Dog Or Cat, What Should You Pack?

People always ask, “What should I bring for my pet?” We have provided a quick list that should help you with any questions you might have.

1) We feed Science Diet Maintenance. If your pet eats something else, please bring it. A change in diet can cause an upset stomach and poor digestion.

2) Pets are allowed to play with toys and chew bones if they are provided by the owner. We give pets these only during the day and remove them at night to prevent choking.

3) We provide warm fleece pads to all pets that stay with us. If your pet has a special bed, you may bring it providing it is washable.

4) We provide bowls so no need to bring yours from home.

5) We provide IAMS regular flavored treats. If your pet has a special diet, please bring that too.

6) You dog must be on a leash when you come and leave the kennel. Please remember to bring one.

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