FAQ On Grooming, Boarding & Day Care

How early should I make a reservation for my pet?
A good rule of thumb is when you plan your trip, make plans for your pet at the same time. This is especially important around the holidays and spring break.

We are coming up to visit friends and they do not allow pets. Can we take our dog out during the day and return him/her before you close?
Yes, absolutely. We encourage this and can even recommend pet friendly places to visit including the dog beach.

Do I have to pay extra for walking, exercise, pool time, hugging, petting or feeding more than once a day?
No way! All pets are treated the same. They each get to enjoy all of our amenities.

My pets eat 4 small meals a day. Is that a problem?
No, our job is to care for your pet just like you would at home. We will cater to your pet’s needs.

What kind of vaccinations does my pet need to be current on?
Dogs need rabies, kennel cough, distemper/parvo. Cats need rabies, distemper and leukemia. If your pet has never received a rabies vaccine, we do not consider it current until after 30 days. All pets only need to be current on rabies for grooming.

My pet is taking medication. Can you medicate them?
Yes, we do this at no extra charge. We do not administer injectable medication. We do not board diabetic animals.

How late can I drop off my pet for boarding?
Monday thru Thursday, pets should be checked in by 4:30 PM. Friday by 4:15 PM and Saturday by 12:30 PM. Sunday we are here 11:00 AM til 1:00 PM.

What are your runs and kennels like?
Our dog kennels are 4.5 feet by 13 feet long. The are separated into two areas. The front area is where we keep their food, water and bedding. They can then pass through a door to the back area where they can relieve themselves and visit with their neighbors.

Do all pets run together or are they kept separate from others?
We keep all dogs separate unless you request they play with others. Then, we pair up personalities and monitor groups to make sure they are getting along. If your pet does not enjoy the company of other pets, that is fine too. A kennel attendant will gladly make sure your pet is entertained.

Cats are all let out of their kennels and are free to roam around the cat room at their own will. Again, we monitor to make sure that the cats get along, and rotate cats if needed.

My pet has never boarded before. Can you recommend any way to avoid unnecessary stress?
We encourage owner’s of “first timers” or nervous pets to bring something from home that contains your scent. An old, unlaundered shirt is a good item. Pets usually snuggle close to these and are comforted by your smell. Please do not bring your favorite sweater just in case your pet ruins it. Another item that works well is an old blanket or bed. Once again, make sure it is something that you can live without, pets do have a mind of their own.

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